Planning for a new roofing project this 2019? If you want to get an idea of how much it would cost, this blog can help.

First of all, actual costs may vary depending on the situation and your personal choices. Hence, it’s difficult to set a specific benchmark because the figures can definitely change. However, you can base your new roof cost calculator on different factors that will affect the prices.

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Factors That Determine Roofing Cost

People come to us to ask for a roofing estimate template. We always tell them that roofing has variables that can affect the costs. There’s no fixed amount or calculation. You can provide an estimate based on past roofing projects but no roofing is alike, hence, you can’t expect to get the same exact total cost.

Before you dive down to the exact details, here are the things you need to consider that will highly affect the new roof cost calculator:

Pitch or Slope

Close-up of gables roof on stick built home under construction

This is an example of a pitched roof during the early stages of construction.

Essentially, there are two types of residential roofing. You can either go for a sloped/pitched roof or flat roofing. Steep slopes can entail an added cost to your roofing project. For obvious reasons, there are additional equipment, tools, and materials needed to construct pitched roofs. If you are looking for a pitched roof cost calculator, get in touch with a trusted local roofing company with a good reputation. Flat roofing, on the other hand, still requires expertise but could be less labor intensive.


As expected, the larger the area is, the more materials it would require. Hence, size is a big factor. Labor cost may also increase along with the surface area. If you are eyeing for a huge property, of course, it can be more expensive. To get accurate computations, schedule a site inspection with a trusted local roofer.


A new roof cost calculator can also involve your location’s accessibility. Difficult to reach areas and neighborhoods with lots of obstacles may be one of the reasons why the expenses could dramatically increase. While most Citra FL property can easily be accessed, bringing in of materials may require extra equipment and more time adding up to the total project cost. Moreover, climbing up high structures to install a new roof could also affect overall expenses.

Peaks and Valleys

Peaks and valleys are common among residential roofs.  However, the truth is that having them on your roof means more attention and additional materials, as well as labor. While they add details to complete the overall look, they are also highly functional. And improper construction can lead to water damages like leaks. Hence, it’s extremely crucial to perform installation correctly. Otherwise, it will only create premature roofing problems that could be expensive to resolve.

Roofing Materials

There are different types of roofing materials. You can go for more traditional options such as wood shakes, slate, asphalt shingles, clay tiles, modified bitumen, and more. Your choices aren’t limited because you can also consider non-conventional roofing systems that would include metal and green roofing. Because of their composition, their prices may vary. Some may cost more than the other but it doesn’t mean that they are the least. You also have to look into their performance, longevity, pros, and cons in order to come up with the best decision.Regardless of your choice, you always have to prioritize your long-term priorities. To know if a roofing material is suitable for your own needs, make sure you consult an expert.

Roof builders mounting prefabricated wooden roof construction.

There is a wide range of roofing system options for your Citra FL home. However, it is equally important to hire a roofing contractor that can implement the installation according to the industry’s highest standards.

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Removal of Existing Roof

Aging, damages, and other serious issues can prompt a complete roof tear-off. It’s a good option to save your roof if it’s not entirely in bad shape. Or if you simply want to change your roofing system, it’s also a route that you can take. However, note that removing existing shingles can demand varying costs depending on the complexity of the job. If the majority of the surface needs to be removed, then the prices might go up as well. The services involved, whether it’s a tear-off or a total roof replacement, could help determine the price range of construction.

Other Installations

Apart from the roofing system itself, you might need to install other components. For instance, you also have the decking, underlayment, ventilation, etc. These can add up to the base costs as there are more materials involved along with the labor requirements.

You might be wondering if these are necessary. For instance, a properly ventilated attic area can help prevent ice dams during winter. Note that ice dams can be destructive, hence, you have to make sure you are prepared for it to avoid hazards and costly repairs.


To know the roofing labor cost per square along with the expenses on materials, you need assistance from a reliable roofing company. Measurements and estimations can only be done by professionals with the right skills and experience. They can also come up with an accurate new roof cost calculator to see if your plans are aligned with the budget.

As a closing, we want to remind our readers that the more complicated a certain project is, the greater labor and more materials are required. This is the main basis of how much you need to prepare for a new roof installation. Keep in mind that every roof is different and unique. Some may look-a-like, they may be built using the same material, but at the end of the day, there are differences to consider.

To come up with an informed decision about your property, contact an experienced roofer. A licensed roofing contractor can conduct a professional full on-site inspection in order to produce an industry-grade estimate.

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