The New Year has arrived. After all the festivities, real life hits us all once again. You’ve been thinking about replacing your roof this year. Unfortunately, you’re not sure about the average cost to tear off and replace roof for your Citra property.

True enough, it takes commitment to finance and realize a roof tear-off and replacement. If you feel discouraged, knowing the amount you’ll need to push the project forward will motivate you.

Furthermore, Citra homeowners have a wide pricing range of roofing labor prices. Therefore, if you have the roofing materials ready, you have nothing to worry about.

Average Cost To Tear Off and Replace Roof:

  1. A Homeowner’s Financial Commitment
  2. Usual Roofing Quote Scenarios
  3. Roofing Material Tear-Off and Replacement Costs (5 Items)
  4. Factors That Affect Labor Pricing (3 Items)
  5. Reasons Why Homeowners Have a Wide Roofer Price Range

The average Citra home has over 2,300 square feet. Therefore, if you’re asking about the cost new roof 900 sq ft home or cost of new roof 1000 sq ft home, expect your labor and materials to be below-average.

Read about roof labor, material pricing, and more below!

A Huge Financial Commitment

If you have less than $1,000, you might think twice to carry on with your roof replacement. The amount is clearly insufficient to pay the average cost to tear off and replace roof styles of any kind.

True enough, you’ll need a roofer for roofing replacements. You cannot put off a roof replacement when it becomes necessary.

If you’re short on cash, then permit yourself to commit to a huge financial promise. Most roofers you’ll interview can provide in-house or a bank or financial-institution-based payment plan.

You might feel the financing is unnecessary. In fact, you believe the roof can still last for a year while you save money. Unfortunately, a single extreme storm or snowfall can cause roofing leaks.

When these lead into internal ceiling damage and water-damaged walls, you can have a more expensive problem. Therefore, tear off and replace your roof as soon as possible when it becomes necessary. To avoid getting caught off guard, always have regular roof inspections.

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damaged internal ceiling

Homeowners can never postpone roof replacements because it can lead to more expensive situations such as internal ceiling damage.

The Usual Quoting Scenario

It might sound unbelievable, but DIY methods can bring down the average cost to tear off and replace roof. However, without the right tools and sufficient roofing knowledge and experience, you might cause more expensive damage during the tear-down and replacement procedure.

Therefore, having a professional roofer is your best bet for efficient roofing replacement. Every roofer has different prices for labor.

Despite differences, a standard 2,200 square roof will cost about $2,000-$6,000 to tear down and replace. However, this is only for asphalt shingles. Different types of roofing materials affect the roofer’s final labor charge.

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contractor wearing gloves

Homeowners can DIY roof replacements and possibly save money if they have the right tools and equipment.

Roofing Material and Labor Prices

Numerous residential roofing materials affect the average cost to tear off and replace roof.

We used the standard asphalt shingle as a price basis for the average costs earlier. Below, we list other roofing materials, their standard cost per square foot, and how much does a roofer charge per square of the material.

  • Metal Roofs: About $500-$1,800 a square is how much does a metal roof cost in terms of labor plus material. The metal roof material affects the final price. Therefore, a corrugated steel square can cost about $500-$600 while a copper roof can cost $1,600-$1,800.
  • Clay Tiles: Approximately $800-$1,600. True enough, some contractors can charge higher than these prices depending on the roof shape and roof material quality.
  • Slate Tiles: An estimated $800-$1,600. Slate tiles are at the same league with clay tiles when it comes to handling and installation.
  • Wood Shakes and Shingles: $200-$600 per square upon usual estimates. Wood shakes and shingles are easy to handle and most roofers price them in the same tier as Asphalt Shingles.

Factors That Affect Labor Pricing

Equipment transportation and operation only have a minor role in affecting labor price.However, the equipment quantity, support construction structures, and other development materials become numerous depending on the items below.

a beautiful cross-gabled roof

Gabled and cross-gabled roofs are among the most affordable roof shapes in terms of labor.

Roof Design Complexity

A simple gable-style roof will always offer the lowest labor charge for residential properties. In fact, most contractors have an established approach for gable, cross-gabled, and other typical roof shapes.

However, property owners using combined roof shapes, butterfly roofs, and other exotic or artisan roof shapes will receive a higher labor charge than average.

contractor carefully rebuilding roof skylights

Skylights and other roofing structures make tear-offs and replacement of roofs quite difficult, which explains the higher service costs.

Skylights, Chimneys and Dormers

These roofing structures will make roof installations difficult. In fact, contractors must use special equipment or rebuild flashings and other base roofing materials to prevent any possible damage to these roof structures.

Dormer windows require special attention because they are essentially small half or quarter roof squares that need replacement. Therefore, they will definitely affect labor costs.

Material Manufacturer Guidelines

Many roof contractors specialize in replacing or installing top-tier manufacturer materials. Therefore, you can expect their labor price to be higher than average.

True enough, manufacturers train contractors to use the least installation time possible. However, they will not sacrifice the proper installation process just for speed. Therefore, the guidelines have a major effect on your roofing installation prices.

Why Homeowners Have a Wide Roofer Price Range?

Roofing contractors in different regions price their services depending on the roofing demand in their location. For example, the saturated markets of Florida, Georgia, and southern areas of the US will have lower labor prices per square compare.

In Citra, you’ll find an adequate supply of roofers. However, experienced professionals may charge higher than the competition. True enough, their knowledge and experience gives them a right to do so. On the other hand, their shortened tear off and replacement time is often the major reason for their high charge.

Wrapping Up

The average cost to tear off and replace roof for residential properties is a huge financial commitment. However, a reliable contractor with excellent labor price guarantees the longevity and durability of your new roof.

If you have yet to find a reliable contractor, consider hiring Kilburn Construction Company and its well-trained and experienced roofing replacement professionals. With over 25 years serving clients across Citra, we guarantee only the best roofing possible.