Do-it-yourself (DIY) projects can save many Charleston homeowners much money. If they have the right skills, they can reduce DIY roof replacement cost beyond thousands. Furthermore, DIY projects are excellent skill-improvement avenues for anybody.

If you received a power tools set for roofing this Christmas, then consider doing DIY roof replacement to save up on a much-needed new roof. We find DIY roofing as a good and productive hobby for anyone. Here is a post on how to get started on DIY roofing.

What will you learn after reading this post?

  • Reasons to consider doing DIY roof replacement (apart from having a new tools set or interest in a new hobby)
  • DIY roof replacement cost factors
  • How much do you actually save from professional labor
  • And will you still need help from roofing contractors

Why Consider Doing DIY Replacement?

DIY roof replacement cost will drive down your roofing expenses by a mile. True enough, these DIY advantages present an avenue of trade skill learning and even a profitable future hobby.

Saves Hundreds of Dollars

The average cost to tear off and replace roof in Charleston is about $4-$6 per square foot. However, some contractors charge depending on the material. For example, metal roofs can cost a bit higher than asphalt shingle roofs because they are heavy and more dangerous to remove.

The estimated DIY roof replacement cost of doing it yourself reduces about $1,000 from your total expenses. Furthermore, this is a huge cost reduction because the replacement cost new roof 900 sq ft home are about $5,500-$7,300.

While you might spend a thousand or more for roofer equipment, think of it as an investment for future repairs and replacement your roof might need.

a contractor about to finish a shingle roof's installation

Contractors usually charge by square or by the hour. This adds tens of thousands on top of your total roof material costs.

Develops Excellent Trade Skills

The average roof replacement cost parallels the answer to “how much does it cost to redeck a roof?” Your DIY roof replacement cost is lower than the two items mentioned. You won’t have to use professional labor. True enough, you can improve your trade skills with consistent practice and performance.

Most Charleston homeowners just want to save money. However, they learn important trade skills upon doing DIY roofing. In addition to reduced DIY roof replacement cost, they gain profitable capabilities. As a result, they can recoup their time and equipment investments in the future.

A Possible Hobby

If not for profitability, then homeowners do not only save with DIY roof replacement cost. They can view it as a new yet productive hobby.

True enough, there won’t be much roofs to replace in the future. However, your skills and equipment can be present in case they need an emergency roof replacement. Additionally, your skills allow you to build any small structure you might need at home such as a dog kennel, tables, and more.

DIY Roof Replacement Cost Estimation Factors


Majority of roofing contractors agree the size of your roof raises labor and material costs the most. However, your DIY roof replacement cost will be less than this item.

The average roof size is about 3,000-5,000 feet. Furthermore, most roofing contractors divide the workspace by 100 square feet. Therefore, a 3,000-square foot roof is equivalent to 30 squares of work.

Then, you can start calculating the total labor costs by multiplying $4-$6 by 100 square feet (equal to one roof square).

The logic behind this is $4-$6 is the average roof labor cost per square foot. Therefore, you can get about $400-$600 roof labor cost per square.

If you have a 3,000-square feet home, then you have 30 squares.

Your total roof labor costs ranges around $12,000-$18,000 on average.

The formula for this is labor charge per square multiplied by number of squares to work on. In this example, this is $400-$600 multiplied by 30.

True enough, you save so much from per-square labor going DIY.


DIY roof replacement cost disregards roof pitch cost factors. You’ll take more time doing it yourself, but you’re not paying someone by the hour or roof square.

The pitch of your roof requires extra materials. In addition, roofing contractors place a premium on complex roof designs.

For example, you have a butterfly or inward roof shape. Roofing contractors must approach the replacement carefully. Therefore, their use of extra equipment such as safety harnesses and even a construction crane in some cases will elevate roof replacement costs.

True enough, we cannot ascertain these additional roofing costs. However, they will definitely add a few hundred to the final labor costs you’ll receive.

However, you’ll have less to pay for as your DIY roof replacement cost will reflect in the future.

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a contractor wearing a harness while working on clay tile roofs

If your roof is steep, contractors can only work safely with harnesses, which might add to your total roofing costs.


An asphalt shingle roof costs about $5-$7 per square foot. Therefore, you’ll spend about $15,000-$21,000 to roof a 3,000-square foot property.

Inevitably, this is the biggest expenditure on the final bill of your DIY roof replacement cost. If you add this amount to the total labor expense of a 3,000-square foot roof, you’ll get about $29,000-$39,000 on average.

Furthermore, premium roof materials will increase these final estimates by a mile. For example, a standing seam metal roof costs about $12-$15 per square foot. Therefore, your total roofing material expense is at $36,000-$45,000 in total.

Therefore, your savings are extremely huge when you go DIY.

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a woman removes a full shingle roof

Remember, DIY roofing is difficult and time-consuming. You’ll spend hours and your weekends working on your roof.

Go DIY or Trust a Roofing Contractor With Roof Replacement?

True enough, you’re saving more than tens of thousands without professional help. However, you’ll have to consider some cons about DIY roofing.

Doing it yourself means committing time. This means your roof replacement may take months or even more than a year to accomplish. In addition, you won’t find time to rest during weekends working on your roof.

Furthermore, athleticism is important in roofing. You’ll need to climb roofs. Then, you’ll need to balance yourself while carrying roofing materials. In fact, you’ll be struggling against the hot sunlight for hours while working.

Perhaps the most trouble DIY roofers face is improper installation. Roofers value correct and proper installation to prevent any roof damages in the future. Therefore, an inexperienced hand might potentially shorten the lifespan of a roof or reduce its durability.

Consider these factors when going DIY. If these make you feel hesitant, then we feel you should use a reputable roofing contractor to help you.

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