All roofs come to see the end of their days. It’s not a surprise because, after how many years, there’s a season for retirement. Not that you just want to change your roofing but because it has served you enough and that it’s no longer effective. When this phase comes, should you engage into a DIY roof replacement?

This debatable topic is nothing short of controversial. But we think that there’s a need to put an end to speculations and just talk about the facts and insights. It’s our duty to our readers to expose the truth behind DIY roof replacements and also because we feel accountable to the repercussions of not addressing the issue.

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DIY Roof Replacement: Is it a Yes or a No?

Boards in place as a preparation for reroofing

Here’s an example of how professional roofers prepare the surface for a replacement project.

Should Citra FL homeowners consider a DIY roof replacement? Unfortunately, our answer is a no. It’s not the best solution based on the fact that there are potential negative outcomes.

To give you an idea of what we’re talking about, let’s look into some of the reasons why you shouldn’t perform a DIY roof replacement project:

Voids Existing Warranties

Warranties are extremely useful. They are actually part of your benefits as a homeowner. They work like a security blanket that covers you in times of need. While they may be helpful, there are terms and conditions involved depending on what you have agreed on.

Go back to your roofing documents and review the type of warranty that you have. There are warranties on labor, services, products, manufacturer, etc. Most of the time, there’s a clause that forfeits your rights to claim for the warranty coverage if you perform repairs, replacements, or any project outside the roofing contractor’s jurisdiction.

Licensed roofing companies are committed to providing you with comprehensive services but if you choose to deviate from their level, it could lead to poor implementation causing roofing troubles. This is what they are trying to avoid. And if you still ignore the value of warranty coverage, then you would have to pay for future roofing services. These should’ve been part of what you have initially paid for.

Too Risky and Dangerous

We have said it before and we’ll say it again, handling roofing tasks are extremely dangerous. First and foremost, you need to climb up a ladder to reach the surface. Also, it’s too high that when you fall down you can immediately get hospitalized. While you can take extra caution in climbing up, there are safety measures that only professionals are trained to implement.

Handyman working on repairing the roof

Notice how the professional worker is equipped with tools and gears needed in performing roofing tasks.

In everything you do, you have to prioritize your own safety. You see, professionals wear proper gears and they know what to do every step of the way. It helps to do your own research but in terms of the actual work, you still need the right experience and tools. If you do it on your own, instead of successfully replacing the roof, you might end up hurting yourself.

Let us emphasize once more, please stay off your roofs as much as possible. Let experts show you how it’s done for your own peace of mind and overall protection.

Unpleasant Outcome

Excellent workmanship is a product of industry exposure that doesn’t come overnight. Even if you spent hours or even days studying about to replace your roof, it wouldn’t guarantee a visually appealing outcome.

The roof is your property’s crowning glory. Just imagine a poorly installed roofing that can come out as unattractive to the eye. It wouldn’t justify the amount of time and resources that you’ve dedicated to making your dream house come true.

Wrong Personal Assessment

Before you attempt to climb up and do the dirty work yourself, ask yourself first. Do you really need a roof replacement? It is the most suitable solution to your problems? How will you know? Exactly! It’s difficult to tell because you need a thorough assessment in order to conclude that it is indeed subject for a replacement.

a neighborhood with old roofing

Every property has a specific need. Even if you feel like you’re facing the same issue as you neighbor, you still have to validate this with a professional assessment.

Speaking of assessments, you need the help of experts who can examine your roof professionally. Note that not all roofs in a bad shape are immediately recommended for a replacement. There are cases when roofing companies would suggest an overlay instead of a complete tear-off. This is depending on the true condition of your roof. There are other factors to consider aside from the age. They need to see if there are parts that are still possible to save.

Save yourself from the hassle. Let professionals inspect your property to determine the appropriate roofing service that you need. Let them determine if you need to reroof or not yet. Who knows? You might save more money.

Bigger Expenses

Budget is the main reason why most homeowners want to handle the roof replacements on their own. Here’s the truth about this…

A DIY roof replacement could be more expensive than projects that are done in partnership with a roofing contractor. You might think that you’ve saved a lot of money from the materials, tools, labor, etc. but you have to think again.

Unsupervised and unprofessional work can lead to more damage to your property. If you create more problems than present a solution, expect that you’ll be needing to shell out more money sooner.

We’re also not discounting the fact that your health is on the line if you step up and do the work yourself. Save yourself from costly hospital bills and from the danger of doing these things.


Don’t get us wrong. It’s perfectly okay to get involved and be hands-on with all your Citra FL roofing projects. After all, it’s the product of your blood, sweat, and tears. You have all the right to decide for it. However, there are things that are best done in collaboration with specialists. Roofing isn’t an exception to this.

If you want 100% satisfaction and complete success on getting a new roof, don’t hesitate to seek assistance from well-trained professionals. For sure, they will listen to what you feel and think. It’s just a matter of arriving at a sound decision that both parties will be amenable to.

Planning a DIY roof replacement project? Don’t sweat it! We’re here to guide you…

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