Residential metal roofing systems are all the rage for Citra FL homeowners nowadays. However, it’s somewhat impractical to invest so much for your roof because of the high metal roofing price. On the other hand, there is great evidence supporting this roofing material’s advantages.

In this short guide, you won’t learn much about metal roofing installation. However, you’ll know about the pros and cons of metal roofing systems for houses. Additionally, you’ll know about the best metal roofing materials currently available in the market and ensuring secure installations.

The Comprehensive Guide to Metal Roof Benefits and Types

  1. The Pros and Cons of Metal Roofing (5 Arguments)
  2. Different Types of Metal Roofing Systems for Houses (3 Types)
  3. Is It Feasible to Always Get The Best Metal Roofer?

Pros and Cons of Residential Metal Roofing Systems


Long-Term Durability and Performance

Residential metal roofing systems have an extremely solid constitution. Manufacturers use reinforced steel, which acrylic or elastomeric paint strengthens against rust and weathering. More expensive variants have zinc or aluminum coating to improve its lifespan even without acrylic paint.

In turn, homeowners using metal roofing can expect more than 70 years of excellent performance from reinforced steel. On the other hand, well-maintained galvanized (zinc), galvalumed (aluminum), and aluminum residential metal roofing systems can last for more than a century.

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Excellent Manufacturing Quality

Most manufacturers use only the finest steel sources and coating to enhance the durability and lifespan of the metal roofing material. However, it pays to know whether you’re working with an excellent manufacturer — check the following:

  • Online Reviews: Contractors and Citra FL homeowners will definitely leave raving or scathing reviews for manufacturers on roof material review sites
  • Contractor Recommendation: Your professional roofing contractor with in-depth residential metal roofing systems experience knows the manufacturers with a high quality standard. Consult with them.
  • Old Roof Positives: If you used an old metal roof and it lasted more than its expected lifespan with adequate performance, then its manufacturer has truly created an excellent material worth using again.

Easier Than Most Roofing Material to Install

You won’t need a heat weld to install metal roofing systems. In fact, you won’t need roofing tar and too many nails to secure the metal roof system.

Most metal roofing systems have their own installation procedures as part of the manufacturer’s instructions. For example, standing seam metal roofs have their own unique fastening system without nails.

For the most part, you’ll only need a drill, screws, and washers to install even the simplest corrugated metal roof system. While some of these materials are heavy and injury-prone, professionals can install them efficiently at a fast speed.

a corrugated metal roof panel with exposed nails

Screws and washers is the simplest yet most secure way to install metal roofs.


Quite Expensive

True enough, it is no rumor that residential metal roofing systems are expensive. It costs about $12-$16 per square foot of galvanized metal roof. Additionally, galvalumed metal materials cost about $14-$18 per square foot. Aluminum is the most expensive ranging from $13-$17 per square foot.

However, you can consider this a one-time great investment for your property. Indeed, standing seam metal roof, which uses dense metal than corrugated sheets or shingles, will cost higher. However, manufacturers guarantee they can last for decades even with minimal maintenance and install in the fastest and hassle-free way possible.

May Appear Too Industrial for Some Homeowners

Bare metal roofing without protective acrylic paint will add an industrial touch to your residential property. However, homeowners have a wide range of colors and textures available for use.

The best way to avoid appearing industrial is to use the right metal roof curb appeal suitable for your home. For example, if you have a log cabin-style siding and color scheme, then using a dark brown color or texture for your metal roof will complement your curb appeal.

Most roofing professionals will advise you on residential aesthetics and help you find the right coat and texture for your metal roof.

Different Types of Metal Roofing Systems for Houses

Standing Seam Metal Roof

The most dense and luxurious type of metal roofing system guarantees a lifespan that goes beyond 70 years. Most manufacturers build their materials and reinforce them to last for more than a century.

It achieves this feat with its immense density. True enough, most homeowners may need additional joist reinforcement or upgrades to handle its immense weight.

However, as a one-time investment in quality roofing materials, standing seam metal roof systems never fail and always deliver an excellent, slick, and beautiful residential look for any property.

freshly-installed standing seam metal roofing

Standing seam metal roofs are highly dense and require the installation of additional weight support.

Corrugated Metal Roofing

Corrugated sheets might appear flimsy and lacking in density compared to standing seam variants. However, they’re an economical choices and can still last for more than 70 years with regular maintenance. Most manufacturers recommend or develop their own formula for protective acrylic or elastomeric paint.

If installed correctly, corrugated metal can withstand strong rain, wind, and snowstorms. Indeed, homeowners may find rain emitting more noise with percussive corrugated metal roofing. However, their excellent advantages definitely outweigh this small cosmetic setback.

a custom-locking mechanism for corrugated roofs

Some corrugated metal roof systems also have their special locking systems.

Metal Roofing Shingles

Thick enough to withstand virtually any hailstone hit and small enough to appear as traditional asphalt shingles, metal roofing shingles are an impeccable choice for homeowners. Truly, they’re more expensive than three-tab shingles, but you enjoy the durability and long-term performance of metal roofing materials.

In addition, acrylic or elastomeric coating enhances the performance and lifespan of metal roof shingles. With effective installation, it can last for more than 70 years. If any of the shingle suffered damages, contractors can quickly repair or replace damaged metal shingles with an affordable bundle.

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Should You Get The Best Residential Metal Roofing Services In Your Area?

No doubt, metal roofing is an expensive material. However, the price is worth its efficiency and capability to provide the highest standard of roofing possible.

Once again, you can achieve this result by using the best material manufacturer and ensuring an excellent roofing installation. While the installation process is simple, it will require much time on your part. Additionally, metal is a heavy and injury-inducing material — leaving it to professional hands is a better option.

If you have yet to find an excellent roofer with extensive metal roofing installation, repair, and replacement experience and knowledge, you can depend on Kilburn Construction Company to help you. We have decades of experience servicing metal roofing systems and guarantee only the finest roof services possible. Contact us today!