Most Citra FL homeowners ask whether a hail damage insurance claim time limit exists. In fact, no roof hail damage insurance claim deadline exists in writing. However, most roofing contractors estimate it to be at least one month after the hailstorm passed your property.

If you’re knew to hailstorm damage claims, this guide will help you know how much hail damage insurers consider to replace your roof.

Additionally, you’ll know if your hail damage roof qualifies even without roof leaks and how many hail damage roof pictures do you need. Lastly, you’ll also know how much does insurance pay for hail damage, and if hail damage is covered by home insurance.

Post-Hailstorm Insurance Claims Guide for Citra FL Homes

  1. What to do right after a hailstorm
  2. Filing without any hail damage roof leaks
  3. Undergo the filing process (4 steps)
  4. Should you always work with roofing contractors for each claim?

What Should I Do Right After a Hailstorm?

True enough, the most crucial moment of every roof hail damage insurance claim is right after the calamity has passed. You might feel disoriented and confused after seeing the severe damages on your Citra FL roof. However, it is vital to focus and document the full aftermath to help you maximize your insurance payouts.

Fortunately, any mobile Internet device such as smartphones has clear cameras. In addition, these cameras include timestamps and geo-location data. You’ll need to capture photos and note the date and time right after the storm passed.

Make sure to check for obvious and huge damage on your roof. Focus on taking photos of every damage detail, and the more photos the better. Take note of the size of hailstones to prove the logic of roof damage and huge HVAC dents.

Here’s a helpful list to help you remember all these.

  • Date and time of storm
  • Photographs of your property after the storm
  • Clear damages on roof
  • Measure hailstone sizes on your yard
  • HVAC damage if any
cars with huge hailstone dents

Aside from HVACs and exterior siding photos, take a photo of car hailstone damages. In doing so, you illustrate the hailstone velocity’s destructive force on your roof too.

Can I File Roof Hail Damage Insurance Claim Without Any Roof Leaks?

Many Citra FL homeowners believe their adjusters should spot multiple roof leak instances before they can receive the full roof hail damage insurance claim benefit. However, that is a false idea. You can claim benefits for a damaged roof even without any leaks.

In fact, majority of roof hail damage insurance claims have no leaking roofs. They often have bruised or torn roofing materials, missing or cracked shingles or tiles, and detrimental structural damages.

Remember, you don’t have to wait for leaks to happen (although you can use the garden hose to check for internal roof leaks). Go through the filing process with all your photo evidence to help you maximize your benefits.

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How Do I Begin The Filing Process?

Call on a Trustworthy Local Roofing Company

Calling your local roofer is the first step to get started on your roof hail damage insurance claim. You might say they’re not the adjuster’s appointed roofer. However, they’re not here to fix your roof.

Instead, you’ll take advantage of their free roofing inspection. Most local roofers will reach out to communities especially after a devastating hailstorm. They’ll provide free roofing estimates including the total amount for complete hail damage repair or replacement for roofs.

You can say the garden hose test is enough for leaks. However, roofing contractors inspect the property roof structure integrity and other details to show an accurate picture of your roof and property state.

clay tile roof replacement process ongoing

In some cases, roofing contractors may do emergency roof repairs when the roof hail damage proves to be completely devastating.

Evaluate Their Inspection

You still have a say whether the roofing contractor’s inspection and estimate is accurate. Make sure to ask them questions. Doing so is most essential especially when you were not around during the inspection process.

However, most reputable roofers ask you to observe their inspection procedures throughout the appointed day to avoid any doubt with their evaluation. In fact, most of them will explain the process nature and procedure details.

Make sure to inspect the area after their examinations and ask questions about possible future damages. While you need not scrutinize their entire report, always ask your roofing contractor about their estimate if you feel it is wrong, confusing, or inaccurate.

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Allow Them To Represent You During Adjuster Meeting

Never call your insurance adjuster without a roofing contractor representing you. True enough, most adjusters will confuse homeowners with roofing lingo and technical terms. With a roofing contractor on your side, they can explain these terms and negotiate with your adjuster efficiently.

In addition, most adjusters bring their own roofing contractor for evaluation. If you have your own independent evaluation, you make sure the inspection data is transparent. Indeed, some adjuster-appointed contractors will try to avoid noting detrimental damages maximizing the insurance benefit.

Set The Repair or Replacement Date and Time

Once both contractors have guaranteed an accurate picture of the damages, your roof hail damage insurance claim undergoes its final steps. The final report will show the necessary repairs and replacement your insurance will pay for.

True enough, the benefits you receive depend on the insurance coverage. If you have a general property insurance, it might only pay a sum or percentage for your roof repair or replacement. On the other hand, a roof-exclusive insurance will pay for a majority or the full price of the roofing repair process or replacement.

Make sure to review your insurance documentation and ask your adjuster about any details that you want to know more about your policy. Once done, you will all agree on the final date of repair and replacement and the adjuster will choose the contractor performs these procedures.

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standing seam metal roof with hailstone dents

In some cases, your policy might state the insurer only covers a particular roofing material, such as asphalt shingles. If your standing seam metal roof experienced immense hailstorm damage, you might never get benefits if this clause exists.

Will You Always Need to Rely on Roofing Contractors for Insurance Claims?

If you have an idea of how roof hail damage insurance claim procedures work, you can completely bypass using roofing contractors. In addition, you must know about the smallest damage detail on your hail-damaged roof to maximize your insurance benefits.

However, if you have yet to spend time or have any idea on roofing procedures and technicalities, it pays to use a roofing contractor and go through the claims process as we wrote above.

True enough, Kilburn Construction Company only provides free estimates and accurate inspections. In fact, we can be your insurance-appointed contractor if your policy does not declare an exclusive contractor. With decades of experience servicing residential roofs in our vicinity, we can definitely help you restore your hail-damaged roof to full operational status.