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Roofing Contractors Charleston, SC

Charleston is known to be the oldest and biggest city in South Carolina. It used to be called Charles Town to honor King Charles II of England. If you’re looking for a friendly and exciting city to live in, you won’t go wrong with Charleston SC. As of 2017, the city has 134,875 residents. It receives an average of 48 inches of rain each year.

Trusted Roofing Contractors Charleston SC

Finding the best company to handle your roofing work is no easy task. Most homeowners end up being “do-it-yourselfers” simply because they can’t find a specialist that combines QUALITY and AFFORDABILITY!

Kilburn Construction Company is a Charleston SC roofing contractor. Bringing at least 23 years of experience, we offer these proven services:


The roof above your head is the only barrier between you and the changing weather. This makes your roof susceptible to wear and tear. We conduct detailed inspections to identify hidden problems. We predict the remaining service life of your roof.

Repairs and Replacements

If the majority of your roof isn’t damaged, a professional repair can restore its original condition. However, we recommend a replacement if it means saving more time and money down the road.

New Installations

Building a brand new residence in Charleston SC? Let us be part of this meaningful project. We pride ourselves on roofing systems that ensure beauty. We install ASPHALT ROOF SHINGLES and METAL ROOFING.

Have a different idea in mind? Tell us and we’ll work with that.

Product Brands We Use

Upholding quality at all times, we’ve been certified to install materials from the following brand names…


Architectural laminate roof shingles, single-layered asphaltic shingles, metal tiles, metal shakes…. We’ll help you find the best material for energy-efficiency and impact resistance.


When it comes to the perfect asphalt shingle color, GAF has your preferences in mind. We are a Master Elite® roofing contractor. Our installation methods guarantee that your roofing material lasts.

Hire Kilburn Construction Company Today

As one of the reputable roofing contractors Charleston SC, we promise you…

  • Competitive pricing

  • An open communication

  • Personalized work (we listen to your specific needs)

Call our office today to schedule a site inspection and get a free quote: 803-605-1991.