Ready to maximize your residential outdoor living space?

Yes, you read it right…

It is possible to get additional space for your home in Citra FL. We specialize in innovative new deck construction services. Kilburn Construction Company is a home improvement specialist based in Citra, Florida. We offer quality and reasonably priced deck construction and other home improvement services in Citra FL and surrounding areas. We take pride in our 25-year industry experience and solid reputation.

A deck with vine and flowers in pot

New Deck Construction

A deck is always a great idea for it helps expand your usual living space and transform it for added functionality. However, not all deck builders are the same. As a homeowner, you have to be 100% sure before hiring a construction company.

With our team, you are in good hands…

Our Deck Construction Process

We implement a simple and straightforward deck construction process so we can focus on producing the best possible results.

A miniature house over a project plan

One-on-One Consultations

Through a series of consultations, our team of highly skilled deck builders will discuss all pre-construction considerations such as your style preferences, size, budget, and more.

Site Inspection

We will then conduct a thorough site inspection and give you a FREE estimate afterwards.

A red pencil and a steel tape over a wooden plank
A handshake with tools as background

Formalizing Agreements

At this point, all legal documents should be signed by both parties.

Get to Work

Without further ado, we will get started with work and complete it in a timely manner. 

Man building a deck using wood planks

Deck construction is an exciting project that will add value to your residential property in Citra, Florida. To make it a success, you need a reliable partner that you can count on to build a stylish, functional, and sturdy decking.

Contact our deck construction specialists to achieve superior results that will give the best value for your hard-earned money: 803-605-1991.