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Gutters seem like the last thing to worry about when it comes to home maintenance. However, they have a very important function to remove excess rainwater and manage it carefully to prevent damage to your property.

A damaged gutter will result to a property that looks unkempt, unclean, and unruly. In addition, excess and unmanaged rainwater will cause detrimental damage everywhere. If you are experiencing any of these, it may be time to call Kilburn Construction Company for gutter repairs.

When Do You Need Gutter Repairs?

You may not see it, but your gutters could have the following damages upon a closer look. Invite our professional gutter repair teams to give a free inspection and find the following:

Cracks or Fractures

A cut in any part of your gutter system including the downspout will result to water causing damage to the gutter flashing. If this remains unrepaired, the water will soon leak into your home and create bigger problems.

Standing Water

Gutter blockage is a common problem. It is a sign that any gutter filter you have installed is not working properly due to possible damage or misalignment.


Due to strong weather, the brackets of your gutter will come loose over time. Clogged drains will contribute to the sagging until your gutter system falls off.


Excessive rainfall and standing water will cause rust even in rustproof gutter materials. It is best to have them repaired or replaced before they shatter and break.

Benefits of a Full-Functioning Gutter

Gutters contribute to property aesthetics and overall water disposal in your property greatly along with the following advantages:

Avoid all these problems with an excellent gutter repair service from Kilburn Construction Company. With over 25 years of repairing and improving homes across South Carolina, our highly-skilled teams are ready to repair any home issue you have. Call us today for a free quote: 803-605-1991