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Manufacturers develop industrial-grade paints to give any home amazing appeal for years. Aside from their aesthetic contribution, these paints provide additional property protection against weather and moisture.

However, even the best paint chips and strips off with age. Unrelenting temperature changes and wild weather conditions contribute heavily to its deterioration.

If you see paint chipping or cracking upon the majority of the exterior of your property, it’s time to give it a makeover. Kilburn Construction Company provides only the best house painting services with our highly-trained professional painting teams.

Advantages of a Newly-Painted Exterior

Aside from looking good, your property enjoys plenty of benefits from a newly-painted exterior such as:

Improved Property Value

Curb appeal matters to appraisers and potential homebuyers. If you plan to sell your property, getting your all your bases covered, including a comprehensive painting service, will increase its value by 5%.

Superior Weather Protection

Just like the special coating for metal roofs, exterior paints help improve the protection of the exterior walls of your property. Thick coating guarantees better insulation too.

Healthy Indoor Air

The airtight insulation of well-painted special exterior paints prevents moisture, debris, and micro-organisms from entering through the small pores of your property. This guarantees no moisture enters your home and you have healthier indoor air.

Why Choose Kilburn Construction Company for your House Painting Needs

If you’re not sure whether you need house painting services, we can have a team inspect your property free of charge! Just call this number today: 803-605-1991